Hi! This is Skylar. She is a made to move barbie aqua top aka Ginger. In previous post, I wrote about joining instagram giveaway. A few days later, I got a DM from Happy in the middle of the night said that I won the first giveaway.

Aaah…so happy and she was so nice to inform it exactly in the night she celebrated her birthday. And now here she is. I name her Skylar. I dont really know the meaning of the name :p just like it. She is so gorgeous with the freckles and her hair color is lovely. I didn’t realise before that made to move barbie aqua top is this beautiful. Maybe because the blue top (Teressa) is more popular.

To celebrate her coming to new home, I make celebration pictures yeayyy!!! *These photos also featuring the made to move barbie yellow top – Asha. She is not sold in Indonesia so I need some effort to find her in the online seller here (plus with higher price hiks! )

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