The promotional pics from Mattel of this Barbie Tokidoki are really tempting. I had watched her for 2 years in Amazon, hoping there was price reduction.

The price was actually reduced but the shipping fee was not 🙁 The shipping fee from US to Indonesia can cost 1  barbie doll and I was so sad. So I decided to get her out of my doll wishlist. Out of the blue, I found it on sale by local seller with more reasonable price. The actual product price was higher than on Amazon but since it was local, I didn’t need to pay for high shipping fee.

So I bought her and kept her in my doll shelf for almost six months. I have weird addiction in buying the doll I like but most of the time I never play with them. Especially when it is a muse doll. I just don’t know what to do with it hahaha. I guess that’s why MTM has very good sales :p I am not a fashion lover so I like take more ‘life’ photography of dolls than taking a ‘fashion’ photography.

These pics are the first and the last photos I took of my Tokidoki then I put it on sale. She is gorgeous with the tatoo, the detail of the box, the trendy hair. But I  just don’t fall in love with her :p maybe it’s too ‘barbie’ for me.

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