My daughter is crazy about My Little Pony, so I thought I want to make something special for her birthday related to My Little Pony. I remembered a while ago, one of the OOAK Doll artist – Hextian, has created amazing dolls inspired by My Little Pony. You can view on his youtube channel. 

The first thing I searched when I had this idea is My Little Pony character I wanted to make. My daughter likes Princess Twilight Sparkle because it’s in the movie we watched a few months ago ^^. But I thought something related to pink will be better because I want to put it as cake topper. See more detail about the cake on my other post here.

There were some monster high dolls I considered:

  • Jane Boolittle – which is perfect to be Princess Twilight Sparkle. It has already the same skin tone and similar hair color.
  • Gigi Grant – which is perfect to be Pinky Pie. Its skin is pink but need to change her hair color a little bit.
  • Lagoona Blue – which is perfect to be Rainbow Dash. But I hated its colorful hair :p so I tried to find blue Little Pony which has pink hair. So it becomes Sweetie Blue, which also has cupcake mark.
ooak monster high lagoona blue my little pony sweetie blue
The Little Pony Character – Sweetie Blue

The color is not exactly the same since I only has a few doll hair options to made as a wig. It took about a month to finally finish this doll. I worked on it during midnight so my daughter was not seeing it since I wanted it as a surprise. I repainted it twice before getting the actual look I wanted – an innocent and cute face. Sewing her dress was also a challenge for me because I dont have any sewing skill. I did the hair band (the cupcake is available on my shop) and added some details on the shoes.

ooak monster high lagoona blue my little pony sweetie blue
Before and After Pics: The original and OOAK Dolls

I am so happy to see the result, it is not perfect but love it so much because it is my first complete ooak doll I have ever made. And the best is my daughter loves it so much.

customize cake inspiration using ooak dolls
Click on the pic to view more detail about the Customize cake

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