Welcoming Camryn to my Collection! Yeeaay!!

I am in love with the Project Mc2 Doll since the first time I saw it on amazon. But the high shipping fee to Indonesia stop me from buying them 🙁 And finally after a long time waiting, I can get them.  Project Mc2 Dolls are produced by MGA and they are not sold in Indonesia (as far as I know ).

This Camryn Coyle doll is not in my wishlist at the beginning (McKeyla is my favourite actually) but when saw it on sale, I cant help to buy it. So sad the full articulated one is out of stock at that moment so I just buy the basic doll.

These are the 4 character in basic doll: Camryn Coyle –  McKeyla McAlister – Adrienne Attoms – Bryden Bandweth

I love Camryn’s brown eyes and natural looks. I never watch the MC2 Movie Series so I don’t know more detail about her character (and to be honest, I dont really care LOL).  But on the website, it is mentioned that she has a high IQ and love skateboard.

Camryn Coyle™
I’m Camryn Coyle™, and you’ve just entered a creative construction zone. While I’m known at Maywood Glen Academy for my high IQ, my real genius comes out in the garage. Turn up the torque and I’ll meet you at 60 mph with my souped up skateboard.

Her body is bigger than barbie and shorter but I think they can share clothes. Hopefully I can update the post with side by side body comparison with barbie. And I am thinking about using made to move body on her once I get the body donor :p

I think the box is really nice, with the scrapbook-style and the pic of the real character in the movie. 

Camryn’s clothes on this basic doll is the least favourite one for me. The other basic doll has nicer outfit. But I love the shoes. With bright pink colour and silver accent. It kinda reminds me on Croc shoes.

So… welcome to my collection, Camryn!

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