This is the first time I work on the male doll. At daily life, I barely draw male pictures because I thought male’s face figure is more difficult to draw. He doesn’t have curly eyelashes or more variations on lips color.

The owner asked me to repaint her Ken doll based on Chris Hemworth’s face. So I told her to not put high hope on the similarity. I am so lame in imitating the human’s face especially to be like a celebrity. You can see my previous doll repaint on Galgadot’s doll here. She is so patient to wait the progress, so I am gratefull I have more time to explore. More over, I have a new job at the office so finding time to repaint is harder.

Although the result is not too similar with Chris, I am quite happy. Repaint Ken is making me addicted :p Hope can work more on Ken Doll soon.

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