I bought this doll for my mom since she likes to display doll but doesn’t like to play with it. The doll is perfect for display because of the detail of the costume.

Personally I dont really like the face paint especially the eyes. But really love the facemold. The doll has fair skin and plastic body. The Kurhn doll is about 28cm – 29cm (sorry I have not measured it really detail :p) but it is smaller than barbie. The clothes fit to barbie made to move doll (at least for this chinese costume) but the shoes can not.

This doll comes with great articulation but not as flexible as barbie made to move. I really love barbie made to move so every jointed doll I get will always be compared with MTM barbie doll :). It should improve the articulation in hand wrist and foot angle but for display doll, I think it is enough.

kurhn doll kurhn doll

What I like the most is the detail of the dress which is neatly sewn and has several layer.

kurhn doll

I am expecting fabric shoes with detail on it (like the detail on the head piece). But unfortunately the shoes is only made with plastic with not much detail.

kurhn doll kurhn doll kurhn doll

For this one, I dont take out the clothes for comparation with barbie. But I will take more photos with my other playline Kurh for the comparation. Stay tune!

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