My name is Henny, a mother of three kids (one boy and two girls). So the dolls are becoming my new best friends. Most of my collections are playline doll which can be played together with my daughters. For myself, I am more interested in doll photography and OOAK Dolls which is repainted by myself.

I have been in love in dolls since I was a baby. Back then I was collecting various kind of dolls. Most of them are not existing in toystore anymore but I still have them in my mother’s house. One of the doll line that still existing is Barbie. My first Barbie is the one with the swimming suit that can change color when we put it into the water.

I also have an online store which sells doll stuff such as doll clothes, dolls, accessories. I don’t have any physicall store right now and all the stuffs are sent from my home at Jakarta, Indonesia. Please check up my tokopedia store for more details or through my instagram: @bonekakecil.shop and @boneka.kecil. I am working on my own online store and hope to launch it soon .

Want to say hi or order something? just send me email at red.circles11@gmail.com